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The tank farm workbench is intended for training product operators how to perform manual fluid level measurements, how to take samples from the vertical steel tanks (VST). It also teaches them how to calculate the VST parameters. This workbench trains electricians how to calibrate and adjust float level gauges and radar-type level gauges.


This workbench consists of the following main components:

  • a tank buried underground;
  • a buffer tank;
  • two pumps for fluid transfer;
  • a float-type level alarm switch;
  • a level gauge/level alarm switch;
  • a radar-type level gauge;
  • a control cabinet;


The workbench can be interfaced with the oil pump station operator simulator, the dispatcher simulator, the microprocessor-based automatic control system simulator which allows to see the effect the tank performance has on the automatic control system and the hydraulic circuits.

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