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These powerful tools are intended to provide practical skills training for people who maintain and service modern equipment containing more and more state-of-the-art electronic devices that range from primary sensors to controller software and upper level SCADA systems. The benches imitating real technological processes are used to simulate a system which is external to the components being studied, and this external system is modeled by means of mathematical and physical simulation. Trainees can get to know the entire set of problems which occur when the automatic system devices and equipment fail to function properly; they need to do virtual jobs ranging from performing diagnostic tests and troubleshooting a problem to investigating any ways to replace a failed component and repair it in the shortest time possible by using the 3D models to visually simulate the problem.

Pressure measurement bench

Firefighting automatics bench

Pressure control system bench

Shutoff valve/manifold/piping operation bench

Tank battery bench

Tank fluid level measurement system bench (for vertical steel tanks)

Microprocessor-based automatic system simulator


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