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ATP Research & Consulting Group

OOO NPP ATP is a company with a broad and rich background and long-term experience in design, development and production of high-tech training systems for oil and gas industry and power engineering. The company experts have wide experience gathered over the years in creating:

  • computer-based dispatcher simulators which imitate the operation of real sophisticated technological complexes, allow to train operators and dispatchers, help them acquire and develop skills to respond to typical, standard and non-standard situations, build up balance models and handle product transport operations;
  • labs and benches for training specialists engaged in servicing automatic systems, remotely controlled mechanical systems and instrumentation equipment;
  • training workbenches that help learn how to operate automatic fire safety systems;
  • workbenches for power system physical simulation used for training power engineers;
  • hydrodynamic models of branching pipeline systems, tank farms and storages, multistage technological processes, energy systems for production enterprises, including simulation of non-standard and emergency operation modes;
  • technological equipment models including modern measuring and metering systems, diagnostic systems, firefighting systems, power engineering systems;
  • mathematical simulation for oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, power industry, hydrogen power production and other promising energy sources;
  • software for designing training courses ranging from budget optimization to working out the optimal number of training sessions;
  • solutions for the ergonomics of workplaces, especially the part that relates to information systems to be combined with 3D visualization software and hardware;
  • interactive workbenches and 3D models for exhibitions and presentations of sophisticated equipment and complexes.

The distinctive feature of such complexes is an in-depth research and investigation into mathematical models, active visualization of processes on the dispatcher control screen, on the interactive whiteboards displaying 3D object models and on operating workbenches. The computer-simulated models and the real equipment of automatic systems, power systems and communication systems are integrated into one single complex. It should be noted that these complexes and simulators (apart from educational purposes) can be used to elaborate on possible engineering solutions and automatic system operation algorithms as well as to analyze the causes of failures, breakdowns and emergencies of various types.

This experience was successfully used when creating laboratories, training workbenches and simulators for vocational higher educational institutions and corporate educational establishments including OAO "Gazprom" and OAO "AK Transneft".

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